A decentralized, offline, secure, and reproducible method for geocoding and deriving community and individual level environmental characteristics while maintaining the privacy of protected health information.

Offline parcel-based geocoding for addresses in Hamilton County, USA.

R wrapper around calling a Docker container (DeGAUSS/geocoder_slim) to geocode addresses from R without exposing PHI to the internet.

Automagically install packages necessary to run R code.

Dockerize R shiny apps.

aiR is used to assess PM2.5 exposures in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. The package creates predictions based on a spatiotemporal hybrid satellite/land use random forest model. PM2.5 exposure predictions are available at 1 x 1 km grid resolution covering the seven county area (OH: Hamilton, Clermont, Warren, Butler; KY: Boone, Kenton, Campbell) on a daily basis from 2000 - 2015.

A software package for linux that geocodes using TIGER/Line data. Offline geocoding is useful when dealing with private health information. This software is also implemented on a internal server, available to researchers at CCHMC.

An R Shiny application for predicting rapid decline in lung function in children with cystic fibrosis.

R Shiny
Several R Shiny Applications.