A family of standalone software packages designed for Decentralized Geomarker Assessment for multi Site Studies. Allows for coordinate extraction from addresses and estimation of environmental exposures and community characteristics without exposing private health information outside of the institution.

A package for R that uses exact address files from CAGIS to geocode addresses in Cincinnati, Ohio and link to address based information from the City of Cincinnati and the Hamilton County Auditor’s Office.

R wrapper around calling a Docker container (DeGAUSS/geocoder_slim) to geocode addresses from R without exposing PHI to the internet.

Automagically install packages necessary to run R code.

Dockerize R shiny apps.

A package for R that implements novel versions of the random forest from my dissertation research, produces confidence intervals and prediction variances.

A package for R that assesses exposure to air pollution components in Cincinnati, Ohio. Also includes other convience functions for extracting Cincinnati GIS variables.

A software package for linux that geocodes using TIGER/Line data. Offline geocoding is useful when dealing with private health information. This software is also implemented on a internal server, available to researchers at CCHMC.

R Shiny
Several R Shiny Applications.